Pointer Telocation shows Cellocator CelloTrack

Published 5 March 2008

The GPS-based asset tracking market is growing, and a specialist introduces an advanced system to help companies in asset management, inventory control, loss prevention, and security

Tracking assets through the supply chain, and in other areas, is a big business. Rosh HaAyin, Israel-based Pointer Telocation (NASDAQ: PNTR, TASE: PNTR), a specialist in Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solutions, yesterday unveiled the Cellocator CelloTrack, a small, stand-alone tracking device for complete fixed and mobile, powerless and powered, asset tracking, aimed at asset management, inventory control, loss prevention, and security. The CelloTrack is being presented at the CeBIT 2008 Global Exhibition in Hannover, Germany, this week.

Pointer is riding a growing wave of industrial GPS-based location applications. According to a new ABI Research study, “Global Navigation Satellite Positioning Solutions,” use of GPS in industrial environments such as telematics and asset tracking will continue to grow, and the overall market (consumer and industrial) will expand to 900+ million units by 2013. The CelloTrack device, the company says, will contribute to the reduction of financial losses with its ability to track equipment such as trailers, containers, trains, and cargo.

Danny Stern, CEO of Pointer Telocation said, “Pointer Telocation aims to provide a total solution to enterprise fleet control, costs, security and safety needs and we’re pleased that we can now offer the Cellocator CelloTrack in addition to our already proven line of automatic vehicle location (AVL) and stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) products and services. We believe that enterprises must manage mobile assets with the same care and innovation that they use to rid their operations of excess inventory and costs. With CelloTrack, the end result is improved competitiveness and profitability.”