realtime North America awarded SAP NetWeaver certification

Published 31 January 2006

Florida company developing security solutions for the enterprise awarded certification

Two trends support each other: More and more attention to corporate security is paid at corporate boardrooms, and biometrics allows for greater security (and for greater ease in using security measures. The need for more — and more effective — security is only accentuated by the emergence of the mobile work force and teleworking, and greater reliance on wireless communication. Biometrics helps in that it uniquely identifies one person, and may be enhanced even more if a company would require, say, two different biometrically identified individuals to authorize critical tasks. realtime’s CEO Thomas Neudenberger says that “with all the data breaches in the recent month, corporations finally start realizing that old fashioned passwords offer no security for user profiles with access to sensitive data. With over 50 million Americans having their data exposed last year, legislators are now taking action to protect those critical data by enforcing mandatory regulations and establishing new laws.”

Tampa, Florida-based realtime North America has just received the Powered by SAP NetWeaver certification for its bioLock. bioLock has a 3-level security protection: Level I - SAP Logon, Level II -Transactions, Level III - Data and Field Levels. bioLock uniquely identifies the “actual user” and log all activities in an internal log file. Employees in security-sensitive departments can be equipped with bioLock to protect companies from fraud and help them comply with mandatory regulations — the California Act, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Sarbanes-Oxley. The company says that there are more than twenty different ways to get access to traditional passwords. bioLock does away with such passwords — but offers something more: A log, or proof, of who did what and when within the mySAP ERP System. realtime has more than 200 “Fortune Global 500” customers in Europe and in North America.

-read more at this news release; and see this article by Paul Sheldon Foote on the use of biometrics in Sarbanes-Oxley-mandated tracking of attempts to modify corporate datebiometrics