Savi Technology to manage Virginia's cargo tracking services

Published 12 October 2006

Company’s SaviTrak RFID technology a growing favorite among port authorities worldwide; open technology platform can process barcodes and EPC-compliant passive and DPS systems

Sunnyvale, California-based Savi Technology struck gold again this week with a deal to install its SaviTrak RFID cargo tracking services at Virginia Port Authority terminals. The technology uses an open technology platform to receive and process real-time data feeds from standards-based RFID technologies as well as other Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) technologies, including as barcodes, EPC-compliant passive and Global Positioning Systems.

We have frequently reported on other Savi Technology successes, so this particular deal, while good for Savi, does not surprise us. The company is developing a good reputation in the cargo tracking sector, and not just in the United States. Earlier this year the Colombia-based shipper Empresa de Prevención y Vigilancia (Emprevi) began using Savi Technology’s Smart Chain Transportation Security Solution to monitor its shipments; and Savi also recently signed a deal to provide its SaviTrak system to port terminals in the state of Georgia. All told, the company’s products and services are in use at more than seventy terminals worldwide.

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