Sealegs unveils new emergency rescue amphibious craft

Published 20 November 2006

Crushing demand for the fiberglass ARC forces the company to open a larger factory; at a price of $58,850, Sealegs sees a great opportunity in the American homeland security market

Auckland, New Zealand-based Sealegs, a growing force in the amphibious craft industry, has unveiled a new model designed with government agencies, emergency rescue team, and civil defense forces in mind. The six meter Amphibious Rescue Craft (ARC), constructed of marine grade aluminium for demanding field deployment applications, has a base price of NZ$89,000 (US$58,850).

We cannot make any judgements of our own about the craft’s utility, except to say that those who can have found it extremely attractive. Before it was displayed at New Zealand’s recent Big Boys Toys convention, demand for the ARC was already accounting for 80 percent of the company’s production efforts. Demand is so high, in fact, that the company is currently constructing a new production facility with four times the capacity of its previous plant. Sealegs recently raised its sales revenue forecast for this year by 25 percent to $5 million after a wave of orders.

“We are increasingly receiving enquiries for this type of amphibious rescue craft from around the world and the new Sealegs ARC showcases the application of our technology in a rescue format. The company is exploring strategies to present this craft to North American Homeland Security as well as specialised agencies in security and rescue industries,” said Sealegs CEO David McKee Wright. “Enquiries and interest from international rescue services suggests that Sealegs technology offers advantages over traditional Hovercraft in some field applications”.

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