• Combating tech-fueled flash mobs a new problem for police

    With the help of cell phones and social networking sites, spontaneous swarms of youths have rushed into convenience stores or assaulted bystanders in a rash of “flash mobs” across the United States; law enforcement officials are struggling to find a way to effectively combat this new phenomenon which does not impede on privacy rights

  • New FBI app helps parents and police find missing children

    The FBI has released its first mobile application aimed at helping parents locate their children when they go missing the Child ID app allows parents to electronically store photos and other vital information so that they will be able to provide law enforcement with critical details in a timely fashion if their child goes missing

  • "Cop shops" in Texas help fight apartment crime

    Residents in Texas apartment complexes have begun dedicating entire units to police officers so they have a place to rest, take a break, and fill out reports; the cop shops help minimize crime by keeping officers in parts of town where their presence is needed

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