• CrimeView Dashboard helps fight crime in real-time

    In an effort to share information in an easily manageable format, the Chesapeake Police Department in Virginia recently implemented the CrimeView Dashboard; CrimeView is a cloud-based software system that allows an entire agency to monitor criminal activity in real-time with maps, charts, and reports

  • Hi-tech bus helps catch drunk drivers

    With the help of a new $350,000 Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) bus, police in Lafayette, Louisiana are cracking down on drunk drivers; with the BAT bus, officers have access to five computer stations, three breathalyzers, and a yellow line on the floor for suspected drunk drivers to walk along

  • Virginia police go 3D

    AREVA, an international nuclear services firm, provided the Central Virginia Crash Team with two 3D scanners that use lasers to reconstruct traffic crashes as well as crime scenes to create accurate, scale models as evidence

  • Also noted

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