• Divorce leads to approval of GPS tracking in New Jersey

    A divorce case in New Jersey has resulted in the first time a state court has approved the use of GPS devices to track individuals; last week a New Jersey appellate court ruled against a man who sued his ex-wife for placing a GPS device in the car she and her husband shared

  • Pilot programs reduce texting while driving by at least one third

    Two pilot programs launched by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) aimed at minimizing texting while driving have reduced the practice by at least one third; the programs ran for one year starting in April 2010 and used a combination of stepped up law enforcement and public information campaigns in Syracuse, New York and Hartford, Connecticut

  • Peachtree City police win technology award for traffic enforcement

    The Peachtree City police department in Georgia recently won the annual National Law Enforcement Challenge’s Technology award for its innovative approach to traffic safety; with the use of a “data driven” approach to traffic safety, the Peachtree City excelled in occupant protection, deterring driving under the influence, and enforcing speed limits

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