• New radar gun spots tailgaters

    Tailgating has long been a dangerous practice causing many fatal highway accidents, yet law enforcement agencies have struggled to effectively enforce the law as they lacked the proper equipment to document and prosecute violators;without definitive proof, cases involving tailgating were difficult to win in court, but a Colorado based company may have sold this problem; Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) has developed a device it calls Distance Between Cars (DBC)

  • Supreme Court to hear GPS tracking case

    The 220-year old Fourth Amendment to the Constitution offers protection against unreasonable searches; the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case involving the police secretly attaching a GPS device to a suspect’s car to monitor his movement; the question before the Court: does the secret placement of a GPS device on a suspect’s car in order to keep tabs on him for an extended period of time require a search warrant

  • Also noted

    Google hands over data to law enforcement — No-texting law hard to enforce