TrendSolving the cognitive-radio problem in the analog domain

Published 5 April 2007

Georgia Tech researchers awarded $3.5 million to develop tiny analog chips to scan RF bands for open channels

Boeing’s efforts to install the Secure Border Initiative border fence took a tentative step forward this week with the company announcing that it had succesfully tested its integrated mobile sensor tower. Standing at 98 feet, the tower houses cameras, radar, wireless data access points, communications and computer equipment — all of which are intended to provide surveillance data for the so-called Common Operating Picture (COP). “The successful completion of the first integrated mobile sensor tower test is a significant program milestone,” said Boeing’s Jerry McElwee. “Not only does it cement the integrity of our design for a major program component, but it also sets the stage for repeatable deliveries.” All told, nine of the mobile towers will be deployed between April and May, at which point Boeing will begin configuring them for communication with the COP and with border patrol vehicles.