Connecting the dotsFBI’s eGuardian integrated with Memex Patriarch

Published 27 December 2011

Deployed over the last three years, FBI eGuardian is a nationwide Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) system focused on counterterrorism tips and leads; the agency has now integrated eGuardian with Patriarch Intelligence Management Platform from Memmex

The Memex Solutions Team at SAS has integrated its Patriarch Intelligence Management Platform with the FBI’s eGuardian system for automating the distribution of tips and leads, or Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), related to counterterrorism.

Memex Patriarch users can now submit SARs directly to eGuardian from the Patriarch platform without the need to re-enter information. This provides a more efficient process for the collection and evaluation of suspicious activities in support of homeland security.

“Law enforcement agencies are seeing increased efficiencies, the elimination of repetitive tasks, and the instant availability of tips and leads to a nationwide law enforcement audience through the eGuardian system,” said Neil Schlisserman, Vice President of the Memex Solutions Team at SAS. “We welcome the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the FBI in this important initiative.”

Deployed over the last three years, FBI eGuardian is a nationwide SARs system focused on counterterrorism tips and leads. Fusion Centers, and state and local law enforcement forward SARs to the FBI, which evaluates them with the resources of the Department of Justice’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) made up of FBI, as well as state and local investigators.