BiometricsAware provides biometrics products for border management systems

Published 15 May 2012

Aware’s software products will be used for biometric enrolment, watch-list checks, verification, and workflow in Europe, the Middle East, and North America

Aware, Inc., a provider of biometrics and medical imaging software, today announced that it is providing biometrics software and services for three large-scale border management systems as a part of separate team-based projects in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. In each case, the Aware portion of the contract calls for the company to provide system integrators with a full suite of COTS software development kits and configurable applications, including Universal Registration Client (URC), BioComponents, and Biometric Services Platform (BioSP). Aware is also providing software engineering services to the prime contractors to help configure and integrate the software.

The company says its software will be used on workstations to perform biometric enrolment for electronic visa systems. BioSP will provide the backend interface to existing watch-list check infrastructure and perform a variety of centralized functions, including workflow, data transcoding, reporting, and connectivity among disparate legacy government systems. The three systems vary in topology, scale, and transaction volume, but each uses a range of Aware’s modular and configurable COTS software components to enable an open architecture.

“These recent project wins demonstrate the utility of Aware’s products for complex deployments, their ease-of-use by integrators, and their flexibility and range to support a variety of system requirements with a truly COTS-based open architecture,” commented Rob Mungovan, vice president of Aware’s Biometrics and Imaging group. “Throughout twenty years in the biometrics industry, we have remained focused on providing a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality biometrics software products and exemplary technical support.”