Homeland security educationSt. Andrews University promoting its certificate in terrorism studies

Published 16 September 2011

The University of St. Andrews is promoting a program leading to a certificate in it terrorism studies; the program was established in 2006 in is offered on-line

The venerable University of St. Andrews in Scotland // Source: editingboston.com

The University of St. Andrews is promoting a program leading to a certificate in it terrorism studies.

The Scottish university says that individuals whose responsibility it is to protect people, infrastructure, organizations or investments, need to understand the threats, then prepare and implement best practice strategies to reduce the risk and counter international and domestic terrorist threats. For many — including police authorities, close protection operatives, the military, government and private sector bodies — the subject of terrorism is so vast and complex that educational insight is rarely available to the majority.

The university says that terrorists have grown their ability to target the military and civilians, and security risks are at their highest, so knowledge of this important subject will help prepare any company or organization to counteract and protect against the variety of threats posed by today’s multi-faceted terrorist organizations.

This terrorism studies course fills a knowledge gap, enabling participants and organizations to prepare to meet the counter terrorism challenges and risks of evolving anti-terrorist techniques and counter the terrorist threat.

“Knowing how and why terrorists are radicalized and plot against civilians, governments, corporations, commercial operations, transport or IT networks makes an unmistakable difference to a nation’s or organization’s anti terrorist and security strategies,” the university says. “The knowledge you will gain from this unique terrorism course will prove invaluable in countering the ever present threat to security.”

The Certificate in Terrorism Studies is accessible globally through online e-learning, and can be studied from anywhere — all the student needs is an Internet connection.

The Certificate in Terrorism Studies was established in September 2006 in partnership with IBC Global Academy (part of Informa Plc). The university says that the Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) at the University of St Andrews was the first transnational counter terrorism online course to provide individuals, military, and police, as well as public and private sector organizations with an understanding of the latest thinking on terrorism and homeland security.