Sydney harbor installs innovative anti-terror barriers

Published 21 November 2005

Anti-terrorist barriers capable of stopping a speeding truck have been installed at Sydney’s cruise ship terminal as part of a multi-million dollar upgrade of Australia’s NSW ports. The Anti-Terrorist Barricade Defense System is capable of stopping a truck traveling at 80 km/h from getting past the guard post at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay. The barriers cost $460,000 each, and are part of the government’s four-year $23.4 million security upgrade of the state’s ports announced recently.

The barriers lie flat in the road until activated. When activated, they spring up at a 45 degree angle in less than two seconds, blocking vehicles from passing through the port’s entry. The barriers are part of a larger plan, which also includes extra closed circuit TV cameras, security patrols, and exclusion zones.

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