SyTech Corporation and communication interoperability, I

of the field radios without interruption. EVDO or Satellite technology is often integrated with these systems.

  • The fixed-site system interoperates on-site radio equipment while offering VoIP connectivity to neighboring agencies across a meshed IP network. The ensuing RIOS Wide-Area Network creates an interoperated emergency response network unlimited by physical distance featuring secure, full-featured interoperated access to management and state decision makers.
  • Communication among assets is controlled through the RIOS gateway; a single-IP-address server designed to communicate across a meshed network. RIOS allows for the full capabilities of a dispatch center (telephones, radios, and data). The RIOS gateway functions as both the database and recorder server. Additional PCs can be connected via a LAN as client stations. These client stations have the full suite of software to allow for the control of all communications. As audio from the communications is being recorded (optional), the radio dispatcher/controller may also view the radio data (that is, Caller I.D., start time, duration, etc.). Audio is recorded immediately to the archive media, magneto optical, or DVD. After the call has ended, the operator may play back the call and use MS Word to provide a transcription of the recorded call. The playback audio is displayed as a frequency spectrum. This frequency spectrum allows the user to identify speakers or allows for forensic analysis. A remote computer may be connected to the system through the use of high-speed WANs or Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines. The system is compliant with all police, fire, and EMS radio communications. A report writer-generator allows for the automatic creation of any reports required by the police or fire departments. Traffic Reports and Individual User Reports are fully automated.

    The company highlights these major features of the RIOS:

    • User-friendly Graphical User Interface — “Talk Groups” are shown as star clusters; Talk Groups are established by selecting the function and selecting the communications system
    • Ability to control radio frequencies (channels) remotely — The RIOS may be configured with radios which are computer controllable; when an agency arrives at the incident site, the RIOS radio is changed to the appropriate frequency
    • Ability to act as repeaters — All RIOS channels have the ability to act as repeaters and have full control of all incoming and outgoing radio traffic; multiple RIOS at an incident site are all meshed, thus creating built-in redundancy
    • Dispatcher capabilities — All RIOS have the main functional capabilities of a dispatcher station — that