Technical Support Working Group announces project bids

Published 14 May 2007

Advisory organization seeks varied technologies in handheld biological detection, forensics, biometric scanning, video analytics, and “human scent collection”

There’s something for everyone in the latest agency announcement from the Technical Support Working Group. The group announced interest in a wide range of technologies for defeating terrorism, some of which we share below:


Handheld Biological Detector: The system must be a small, robust package approximately twelve inches by twelve inches with a thickness not to exceed six inches, and shall fit into a tactical three-day assault backpack for storage and transportation. The initial agent of concern shall be Bacillus anthracis with capability to add additional bacterial agents as an option.

Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device Detection: Intended for screening of vehicles entering facilities including those in severe weather environments such as maritime (salt air), cold or hot weather, and heavy rain.

Portable Suicide Bomber Detection: The system must detect improvised explosive devices concealed on persons, should operate without the subject becoming aware that they have been evaluated and that a detection has occurred, and must clearly indicate the spor identified as a potential suicide bomber.

Fingerprint Recovery from IEDs: A method that will enhance the ability to detect latent fingerprints on improvised explosive devices, system components, and post blast fragments that would otherwise go undetected because of heat degradation. Identify the daughter products of the fingerprint residues (both sebaceous and eccrine) that remain following degradation and design a method to visualize latent prints.

Fast Capture Simultaneous Flat Fingerprint Scanner: A lightweight (under one pound) simultaneous fingerprint scanner for use in military and law enforcement field operations and at border points of entry to instantly acquire ten flat, high quality, fingerprint impression sets for effective identity checks in legacy Automated Fingerprint Identification System databases.

Human Scent Collection System: A compact system for canine handlers to collect human scent for future use to track a specified target. The system currently being used is too large and fragile to be used in an operational environment.