TeleContinuity granted Type II carrier license in Japan

Published 19 March 2008

Japan is earthquake prone, so Japanese companies and organizations are especially interested in business continuity and disaster recovery solutions; one innovative communication continuity solution comes from TeleContinuity, and the prediction here is that the Type II carrier license, and a good distribution agreement with ECOSS Japan, would make the company’s products a success in the not-always-easy-to-penetrate Japanese market

We wrote last year about Rockville, Maryland-based TeleContinuity and its innovative communication continuity solution, so we are happy to note that the company has been granted a Type II Carrier License from the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Effective 28 February 2008, the license will enable TeleContinuity to provide carrier services to the Japanese organizations including VoIP, voice and data access, as well as the company’s flagship survivable telecommunications network to commercial, residential, and government organizations throughout Japan. “The licensing of TeleContinuity’s backup telecom system by the Ministry shows that telecommunications continuity is of critical importance for the nation of Japan,” said Taka Ito, managing director of TeleContinuity’s Asia Pacific and Middle East Operations. “Recent disasters have focused corporations on the necessity of business continuity planning and disaster recovery — especially the critical role of maintaining telecom-continuity.” TeleContinuity benefits in Japan from its distribution partnership with ECOSS Japan, and Chihiro Tsuyuki, CEOr of ECOSS, echoes these sentiments: “Since our sales and marketing campaign launched at the end of January 2008 we have seen an overwhelming response from the commercial and government marketplace…. Because of the critical need for survivable and disaster-proof telecom backup, there has been widespread excitement in the Japanese marketplace with many positive articles published in our nation’s most important business magazines and newspapers” (including, we should add, a translation into Japanese of the HSDW story about TeleContinuity)

We also note that Michael Rosenberg, executive vice president of TeleContinuity, was invited to speak on the subject of “maintaining telecommunications continuity during emergencies and disasters” at the 12th Annual Earthquake Technology Exhibition in Yokohama, Japan.