• Top 7 alternative technologies to fossil fuel

    Energy expert says that an “all of the above” approach to the world’s energy problem is wrong; study shows wind and solar to be the most promising alternative technologies to fossil fuel; biofuel, clean coal, and nuclear power are do not hold such promise

  • Using kites to generate electricity

    The amount of power available from wind is related to the cube of its speed; blades at higher altitudes could thus generate up to five times the amount of electricity as at lower altitudes; why, then, not place blades at higher altitudes?

  • U.S. military launches war on global warming

    The U.S. military wants to make a contribution toward reducing oil dependence and grann-house emmissions; the military has set a goal that 25 percent of its energy should come from renewable sources by 2025 and aims to create machines and methods to help Main Street America reach similar targets

  • Two million hydrogen vehicles on roads by 2020

    A transition to hydrogen vehicles could greatly reduce U.S. oil dependence and carbon dioxide emissions, says a new congressionally mandated report from the National Research Council, but making hydrogen vehicles competitive in the automotive market will not be easy

  • Blackstone, Windland in North Sea wind farm project

    U.S. investment group and German energy company forms partnership to construct one of the North Sea’s largest wind farms

  • Alternative fuels for the aviation industry

    Rolls-Royce, British Airways collaborate on developing and testing alternative fuels for aviation; testing is expected to be complete by the end of March 2009, after which the results will be analyzed and reported

  • Largest wind energy farm in France launched

    EDF Energies Nouvelles to launch wind farm comprising 22 2.3 MW turbines supplied by German manufacturer Enercon; with a capacity to generate 50.6 MW, it will also be one of the largest in France

  • New method for generating enzymes will make biofuels cheaper

    If we are going to use biofuels as a meaningful alternative to fossil fuels, then enzymes which can break down plant material into usable source of fuel are required in industrial quantities and at a low cost; Aggies researchers offer new method of generating such enzymes

  • $30.5 billion U.S. loan guarantees for advanced energy technology

    The U.S. Department of Energy issues three solicitations for a total of up to $30.5 billion in loan guarantees for projects that employ advanced energy technologies that avoid, reduce, or sequester air pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions

  • Shape-shifting, self-powered skyscraper

    Architect unveils design for a moving, shape-shifting skyscraper; each floor would rotate independently; tower would be self-powered, generating its own electricity, as well as power for other nearby buildings

  • New biofueled diesel engine developed

    U.K. company develops 100 percent-biofueled diesel engine which could help provide electricity to remote communities in the developing world; engine can run on pure biofuel with no additives — but also on a variety of vegetable oils which have not been converted to conventional biofuels

  • German solar sector attracting investors

    More and more investors are moving into the German solar energy sector; sector employment should grow from 41,000 jobs last year to around 110,000 by 2020

  • Uranium report: Plenty more of the ore is available

    Renewed interest in nuclear power increases new investments and expenditures for uranium exploration more than 254 percent over the two-year period from 2004 to 2006; new report says supply sufficient for next century

  • Missing the energy-saving forest for the trees

    U.K. expert says that the beneficial effects of turning off standby lights, switching from bottled to tap water, washing clothes at a lower temperature, or having car tires at the right air pressure, pale in insignificance when compared with what was happening at the supply end of energy provision

  • New low-carbon technology center in London

    The Center for Efficient and Renewable Energy in Buildings will provide a teaching, research and demonstration resource for the capital; the center is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom