• Ballistic clipboard protects police from gun fire

    Routine traffic stops, warrant calls and first responses have the potential of being some of the most dangerous moments in the field; a standard issue clipboard provides little in the way of reliable protection in the event of gunfire; a new clip board provides multi-hit protection against gun fire

  • iPhone fingerprint reader wins Cygnus award

    At the 118th International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, Fulcrum Biometrics won two awards for its mobile biometric fingerprint reader that attaches to Apple iPhones; the company’s FbFmobileOne reader received Innovation Award in the Forensics category as well as the Paramount Award for being the most innovative product of the year across all categories

  • "Printing" food with plant DNA to prevent counterfeiting

    Branded foods from the waters off Japan are becoming popular in Asia; the growing popularity has lured counterfeiters into the market, where they sell common foods as the high-value brand, in the process destroying markets and reputation of the real item

  • L-3 acquires Detector Networks International

    Last Friday L-3 Security & Detection Systems (SDS) announced that it had acquired Detector Networks International (DNI) in a move that bolsters L-3’s portfolio of radiation detection technology

  • New testing capabilities for bioterror threats

    Research presented at the 13th Medical Biodefense Conference in Munich says that Abbott’s PLEX-ID system provides reliable and rapid results for key microbial biothreat agents and should be considered as a first line analytical tool for biodefense, biosecurity, and microbial forensics programs

  • Anthropomorphic robot testing chemical protection

    See video

    Boston Dynamics is showing its PETMAN — an anthropomorphic robot for testing chemical protection clothing used by the U.S. Army

  • BVS helps U.K. prisons detect cell phones

    Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS) has made quite a splash in recent weeks announcing a new partnership to distribute its cell phone detection technology in the United Kingdom, adding several options to its line of multi-band transmitters, and teaming up with Los Angeles Laker Andrew Goudelock

  • Laser Energetics delivers Dazer Laser GUARDIAN

    Mercerville, New Jersey-based Laser Energetics, Inc. has announced the delivery of their Dazer Laser GUARDIANS; the initial delivery was made yesterday

  • Border security market booming

    The border security market will reach a value of $17 billion in 2011, as governments around the world continue to invest in a range of border security products

  • Doing business with DHS

    The climate for small and mid-sized companies is extremely competitive in the current congressional budget environment, for both technology and services firms — yet there are many opportunities for companies that know where to look and how to develop their strategy

  • Large rare earth deposit discovered near California mine

    Molycorp Minerals recently announced that it had discovered significant deposits of heavy rare earth minerals near its mine in Mountain Pass, California and production could begin in as little as two years

  • SITA helps Indonesia track 20 million biometric identities

    SITA, an international supplier of technology solutions for air transportation, is in the midst of helping Indonesia implement a biometric scanning system for all visiting foreigners; SITA’s BioThenticate can match and manage up to twenty million biometric identities and will be used to screen travelers against a biometric watch list using face and fingerprints

  • USAID, Swiss Re Partnership Targets Hunger, Natural Disasters

    USAID and Swiss Re a few days ago announced a 3-year partnership to help vulnerable communities fight hunger, build resilience to climate change, and reduce the costs of natural disasters in the Americas, Africa, and Asia

  • New cloud continuity solution for SMBs

    Research by Contingency Planning, Strategic Research Corp., and DTI/PricewaterhouseCoopers found that the effect of downtime and data and application loss on small to medium enterprises caused 70 percent of small firms to go out of business within a year of the event; a new cloud-based continuity service addresses this problem

  • Formation of Senate and House rare Earth minerals caucuses urged

    The Association for Rare Earth yesterday urged the creation of Senate and House caucuses to focus on the challenges of securing supplies of rare Earth elements for U.S. high technology, clean energy, and defense communities