• CaTS, PerSay collaborate on voice recognition

    South African, Israeli companies collaborate on offering voice recognition security solution for e-commerce applications

  • Taiwan nabs major hacking ring

    Criminal ring steals personal data of more than 50 million individuals — including Taiwan’s current and former presidents, and the current Taiwanese chief of police

  • Technology companies help governments augment surveillance capabilities

    Technology companies have often been criticized for assisting governments in what many see as unwarranted intrusion, most notably in China; such criticism notwithstanding, these companies find rich business opportunities in the growing surveillance market

  • Daon rides biometric wave

    Founded in 2000, Daon initially looked at selling biometrics to the financial industry as a way for people to make secure purchases; then 9/11 happened

  • American Airlines, TSA end weeklong feud

    TSA inspector at O’Hare used an air temperature probe attached to the exterior of seven unattended American Eagles to hoist himself onto nearby jet bridges and access the planes; sensitive devices had to be recalibrated, resulting in delays

  • All is not clear with the Clear "fast pass" program

    TSA suspended Verified Identity Pass (VIP) from the Registered Traveler program because one of VIP’s computer, containing the personal details of 33,000 customers who had registered for the program; the lap top was found, and TSA reinstated VIP; Priva technologies, locked in a legal battle with VIP over trademarks, is unhappy

  • ManTech acquires ETG

    ETG is a privately held and highly specialized company providing computer network operations and computer forensics; in acquiring it, ManTech signals its intent to expand further into the cybersecurity counter-terrorism technology support market

  • Maple Leaf Foods in $2 million meat recall

    Canadian food processing giant struggles to maintain health and safety standards while coping with financial difficulties

  • DHS extends Accenture's US-VISIT contract

    Accenture is the prime contractor for US VISIT, and has been busy upgrading biometric readers from two fingers to ten; DHS extends company contract

  • QRSciences Holdings acquires Spectrum San Diego

    The acquisition will boost QRSciences’ product offering of security related applications including the detection of explosives and narcotics, metal detection and imaging

  • Calls for tougher debit card regulation

    On Tuesday the Justice Department announced the indictment of eleven people for stealing and selling more than 40 million credit card and debit card numbers; watchgroups say this is evidence, if one were needed, that federal laws governing debit cards should be tougher — and more uniform

  • Germany to introduce an electronic ID card

    The German federal government plans to introduce an electronic ID card similar to the electronic passport already in use; for the industry, the device will create a significant additional business

  • US Biometrics takes on project in Texas

    Illinois firm teams up with a Texas partner to offer fingerprint biometric products to the various departments in the Texas state government

  • Tuffin Technology's products win F&S award

    Security and network operations are becoming increasingly complex. Large enterprises have multiple firewalls spread across different time zones and business units and are also required to comply with stringent regulatory requirements; Tuffin Technology offers management solutions to help businesses cope

  • Battle rages over Baltimore port security

    Congress mandates that port security equipment purchased with DHS grants must be produced in the United States; DHS argues that if better equipment is produced by non-U.S. company, it should be allowed to buy it; the debate intensifies