• Role of U.S. companies in building China's internal security system reviewed

    The Chinese government decided last year to invest heavily in security technology — especially intelligent CCTVs equipped with facial recognition capabilities; the Chinese say it has to do with security for the Summer Olympics; the sheer scope and breadth of the project, though, means that the new security system aims to strengthen the government’s ability to repress basic freedoms; role of U.S. companies questioned

  • Preventing bicycle theft -- and public safety

    A graduate engineering student at Leeds University develops a clever video analytic tool to help cut down the number of bicycles being stolen in the U.K. every year (currently, 500,000 bicycles); tool can also be used for other public safety missions

  • Report sees double-digit growth for CCTV market

    The world-wide CCTV market is expected to grow by 13 percent year-on-year until 2011; global demand for conventional CCTV systems is trending downward, while demand for IP-based CCTV surveillance grows