• American Superconductor's New York grid work moves forward

    Massachusetts-based American Superconductor signed a contract to to develop and install new electrical power-grid technology in New York City which would enable Con Edison better to handle power surges and interruptions caused by accidents, weather or terrorist attacks; after government agencies’ squabble, and congressional examination of the contract, DHS tells company to go forward

  • Invenergy, GE Energy in $1 billion wind turbine deal

    Since 2004, GE’s wind turbine business has grown 500 percent, with its wind business revenues exceeding $4 billion in 2007; half of all wind turbines sold in the United States since 2005 were manufactured by GE

  • John Stroia joins SIA board

    Stroia, a sixteen-year veteran at Diebold, now leads the company’s government security sales organization and event monitoring team; SIA, a 300-member strong trade association, represents electronic and physical security product manufacturers, standard specifiers, and service providers

  • Two Florida companies see their stock prices increase 35% in 2007

    Melbourne, Florida, is home to two security companies: Communication manufacturer Harris and biometrics specialist Authentec; both companies saw the price of their stock increase by more than 35% in 2007

  • Systems integrator Adesta is making a bigger impression

    Adesta is a versatile and innovative systems integrator specializing in the construction and maintenance of stand-alone or integrated communication networks and electronic security systems

  • Cernium raises $10 million

    Virginia-based video analytic specialist raises $10 million from Chicago investor