• Biometric technology helps microfinancing in Asia

    Banks in Indonesia and India have emerged as the frontrunners in deploying advanced technologies to grow their microfinance businesses; biometric technology is particularly useful in areas with low literacy rates, as customers no longer have to rely upon signatures or filling out documents

  • Gordon Brown on national biometric IDs

    The debate in the U.K. over the wisdom and effectiveness of a national biometric ID rages on, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown weighs in; he says: “We shouldn’t rule out a way to protect people’s identities”

  • U.S. to begin offering RFID-equipped passport cards

    Passport card will serve as an alternative to the traditional passport — and reduce the wait at land and sea border checkpoints by using an electronic device that can simultaneously read multiple cards’ radio frequency identification (RFID) signals from a distance, checking travelers against terrorist and criminal watchlists while they wait

  • Intensified efforts to combat identity theft

    Identity theft is one of the highest priorities for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission; agency is playing a lead role in preventing identity theft and helping those who are victimized