• DOE penalizes Battelle for lax worker safet at national lab

    Department of Energy penalizes Battelle $250,000 for lax worker safety procedure at Idaho National Laboratory; this is the latest in a series of penalties imposed on contractors operating national labs

  • Quality of new warhead triggers questioned

    As the U.S. nuclear weapons age, their triggers need to be replaced; trouble is, owing to the moratorium on nuclear testing, designers of the new triggers have to rely on simulation and other methods to test the triggers; nuclear watch groups say some scientists at Los Alamos lab have doubts about the new devices

  • DoE inspector general rips into Los Alamos

    Gregory Friedman notes severe inadequecies in cybersecurity and document management procedures; recent breaches spark review and needed changes; a look back in time shows security a longtime problem at the lab; reminiscing with Richard Feynman presents needed context