• BART police pull Tasers, will retrain officers in Taser use

    A day after a sergeant fired the electric darts of his stun gun at a 13-year-old boy fleeing from police on his bicycle, the BART police instructed its police officers to surrender their Taser guns and report for retraining; the decision also comes after a recent federal court ruling that narrowed the circumstances under which police can use Tasers

  • Court finds Taser use by police officer during traffic stop was “excessive force”

    In what legal scholars describe as a landmark ruling, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit could set the first broad judicial standards for the use of Tasers; the case involves a California police officer who tased a passive driver during a routine traffic stop in 2005; the court found that the facts of the case clearly show that the driver was never a threat to the officer

  • Arkansas officer fired after using a taser on a 10-year old girl

    A policeman in a small Arkansas town is fired after he used a taser gun to subdue an unruly 10-year old girl; the policeman used the stun gun after the girl kiced him “in the groin area”