• Infectious diseases on the rise around the world

    Researchers offer proof that there is distinct, measurable rise in infectious diseases around the world; most of these diseases, including SARS and the Ebola virus, originated in wildlife; antibiotic drug resistance has been cited as another culprit, leading to diseases such as extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR TB)

  • CDC says influenza B strain does not match vaccine

    The U.S. flu season started out slowly, but activity has increased sharply, which is typically the case; the bad news is that most circulating influenza B viruses tested so far this season do not match this year’s vaccine, signaling that two of the three vaccine components are off-target

  • New vaccine against deadliest strain of avian flu tested by scientists

    University of Pittsburgh researchers test new H5N1 vaccine; unlike other avian flu vaccines, which are partially developed from live viruses, the new vaccine uses a virus-like particle which is recognized by the immune system as a real virus but lacks genetic information to reproduce, making it a potentially safer alternative for a human vaccine