Published 12 December 2005

Whether we like it or not, more and more companies and government agencies are going to rely on biometric IDs

Catherine Tilton, vice president for standards & emerging technology at Reston, Virginia-based biometric company Daon, offers these “things to look for” in 2006:

Fingerprints to remain king, but other, newer biometric technologies to gain ground

Further research and expanded implementation/use in the area of multi-biometric fusion

Standards activities to continue beyond the recent set of new ANSI and ISO standards

Use of biometrics in conjunction with other authentication technologies such as smart cards and PKI

Advancements in live-ness detection and anti-spoofing capabilities

Biometric technology is here to stay,” she says, “primarily because it does one thing that other technologies can’t — link an identity/event to a human being. That capability makes biometrics useful alone, or as a component of a larger identity assurance system.”

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