U.K. biometric ID war heats up

Published 29 November 2005

The pro-and anti-ID campaign in Britain is heating up. Two months ago the Home Office brought its biometric road show to Edinburgh’s Gyle Centre to allow people the chance to try out the futuristic technology which will soon to be introduced in passports. Home Office minister Andy Burnham talked to shoppers about the benefits of biometrics in addressing the issue of fraud and terrorism, but found himself heckled by No2ID Scotland protesters who claim the technology is unreliable and intrusive. Last month Home Secretary Charles Clarke was similarly greeted during a London ID road show. Now the No2ID organization is launching its own campaign against the biometric national ID.

No2ID says that more than 11,000 have already signed a pledge to refuse to sign up for the new ID, each donating “10 to the organization’s legal fund which plans to fight the ID scheme in the courts.

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