U.K. launches mugshot database for police use

Published 17 January 2006

U.K. law-enforcement authorities launch first-in-the-nation mugshot — or facial recognition — database to make it easier and quicker to identify criminals and terrorists

The U.K. Police Information Technology Organisation (PITO) is already working on a Facial Images National Database (FIND) project to create a national mugshot database for police forces of England, Scotland, and Wales. The aim is to create a database of still and video facial images, marks, scars, and tattoos, linked to criminals’ details on the Police National Computer. The first FIND pilot is planned for the first quarter of this year with forces in the north of England.

The agency now wants to look at the business case for the national rollout of face recognition technology by police forces. The agency has awarded contracts to Northampton-based Aurora Computer Services to install its facial recognition technology to provide demonstrations of the technology to the police service and other government agencies.

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