Universal Holdings deploys new command and control solution

Published 14 December 2005

Protecting ship-borne cargo containers is a massive and important security endeavor, and a new solution which collects information from container-attached RFID tags will help

Securing cargo containers on the high seas — and, in fact, all the way from origin to destination — has become a bit easier with a new solution from Newport Beach, California-based Guardian Holdings (OTC Bulletin Board: UGHO). The company said its ISR Systems subsidiary has deployed its “GC3” Global Command and Control Center network to support its security monitoring operations worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ISR Systems has developed sophisticated RFID and GPS capable tags which are attached to cargo containers, and the GC3 Global Command & Control Centers will allow the company to collect information from the source-based RFID systems and enable real-time intermodal container tracking capabilities. “Intermodal” is the industry’s jargon for tracking a container from the time it is loaded with merchandise throughout its travel on truck, ship, and rail from origin to destination.

Note that the company’s Container Guardian system is compliant with C-TPAT and CSI guidelines. Data generated from multiple sources throughout the tracking system can be consolidated in the GC3 Centers.

-read more in this news release; and read more details about the solution at ISR Web site