Groves of academeUniversity of Colorado announces first-in-nation PhD program

Published 16 October 2006

Degree to be offered as early as the fall, pending $1.9 million in federal funding; public policy program will focus on infrastructure threats

Last month we discussed in detail the various educational opportunities available for those interested in expanding their knowledge of homeland security measures. The choices ran the gamut from on-line studies to seminars to engineering programs focussed on the development of blast-resistant architecture. We did not mention any doctoral programs because they did not yet exist. They do now, and we are glad of it. The University of Colorado, in conjunction with the Naval Postgraduate School in scenic Monterey, California, last week announced a federally funded public affairs PhD concentration in homeland security scheduled to begin as early as next fall, pending $1.9 million in congressional funding. Candidates will focus on infrastructure vulnerability and will be expected to take advantage of liason programs with local first responders.

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