U.S. BioDefense completes Roche application to manufacture Tamiflu

Published 30 November 2005

U.S. BioDefense, Inc. (OTCBB: UBDE) announced today that it has submitted an RFQ to Switzerland-based Roche Holding to sub-license manufacturing of Tamiflu or its active pharmaceutical ingredient, oseltamivir. “We are hopeful that we will be able to accelerate

our involvement with strategic vaccination efforts worldwide and further update our shareholders accordingly,” said U.S. BioDefense CEO David Chin.

Roche announced in late October that it would consider granting licenses to manufacture Tamiflu, under pressure from generic drug companies, developing nations, and the United States government. Sales of the drug have expanded rapidly this year due to fears of a human-transmissible avian flu epidemic, doubling in the third quarter to about $211 million. Last year, the U.S. also experienced a shortage of Tamiflu.

-read the U.S. Biodefense press release here or visit Roche’s Tamiflu Web site