Verified Identity Pass expands Registered Traveler to Toronto airport

Published 14 March 2006

New York-based Verified Identity Pass, the only private company running an expedited travel program for frequent flyers in the United States, is expanding its operations to Canada. The company is doing what the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Registered Traveler program will eventually do — speed air travelers through airport security checkpoints in exchange for passengers submitting to a one-time background check and a $79.95 fee. The company landed its first Registered Traveler contract last July at Orlando International Airport in Florida. Verified has now signed an agreement with Greater Toronto Airports Authority to develop a Registered Traveler-like program at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Canada. TSA said that, starting in June, the TSA will offer the opportunity to run an expedited travel business to any private company that meets agency standards. Verified Identity Pass has already signed deals with Mineta San Jose International Airport and Indianapolis International Airport.

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