Vidsys, Objectvideo partner to offer security information solution

Published 6 March 2008

Integration of ObjectVideo’s intelligent analytics with VidSys’ Physical Security Situation Management software would improve response by connecting intelligent monitoring to quick investigation

Putting cameras, sensors, and other information-gathering equipment around and in your facility is one thing; intelligently and effectively managing the mountains of information these collection systems produce in another. We have written about Zone’s Multi Sensor Control Platform, a solution aiming to integrate and present information from a range of collection sources in an accessible and effective way. We note that Marlborough, Massachusetts-based Vidsys, a company which developed the Physical Security Situation Management solution, has partnered with ObjectVideo, a specialist in intelligent video, to integrate physical security information management (PSIM) technology platforms, thus enabling more effective real time investigation and handling of security events. “Technology has moved beyond just reporting events, to products that can help manage and resolve situations in real time. ObjectVideo and VidSys are helping professionals where technology can be most useful — as situations are unfolding — by narrowing the immense flood of data to the immediate and useful information that can make a difference in managing live events,” explained VidSys SVP David Fowler. “Intelligent analytics software can provide more accurate and faster responses, saving seconds, saving resources and even saving lives. This partnership is just one more example of industry leaders teaming up to make the hard work of security teams more effective.”

ObjectVideo’s OnBoard solution, which provides automatic detection of a wide range of events and activities, will work well with VidSys’s VidShield platform, which integrates input from other physical security and video surveillance devices to help security teams ignore false alarms while highlighting the important security information that helps speeds up response to real situations. “Increasingly, forward thinking security professionals expect to respond to events as they unfold and before situations escalate,” said Brian Eckert, vice president of sales and marketing for ObjectVideo. “Our systems work together perfectly by providing the alerts and required event history that enables a complete real time investigation and response using VidShield.” Note that this alert integration is also the first step toward Vidsys’s adoption of the OV Ready standard, a standards-based protocol for how ObjectVideo events can be commonly generated and distributed by any OV-enabled platform, and then displayed within any OV Ready application, such as VidSys VidShield.