Viisage selected for U.K. facial-recognition driver license scheme

Published 12 December 2005

U.K. moving on a broad biometric ID front, and Viisage wins a piece of it

The U.K. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has awarded Billercia, Massachusetts-based Viisage (NASDAQ: VISG), a contract for a face recognition test. Viisage already provides identity solution to fourteen drivers license authorities in the United States and Canada, ten of which use the company’s face recognition technology to prevent identity theft and fraud. The purpose of the U.K. trial is to determine if DVLA’s extensive database of facial images from driver license applications can be used for machine-assisted face recognition. DVLA has one of the largest centralized databases of images on record in the United Kingdom and Europe. Under the contract, Viisage will apply its state of the art face recognition tools to automatically run multiple tests for quality control according to ISO/ICAO standards and face recognition for 1:1 and 1:n matches, and will perform tests with non-frontal images.

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