Wall Street analysts like Rapiscan

Published 20 March 2006

Rapiscan Systems has won a federal government contract worth about $5 million to deploy equipment used to screen trucks, cargo containers, and passenger vehicles for explosives and other contraband at seaports and land border crossings. Rapiscan, a division of the Hawthorne, California-based OSI Systems, said on Monday that it will deploy mobile inspection systems at locations around the world. The systems use X-rays and gamma rays to detect hidden bombs, weapons, drugs and undeclared goods. The contract will expand Rapiscan’s existing detection system business. The company already has a contract to manufacture baggage screening systems for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the company recently received another contract to deploy baggage screening systems at British airports.

Note that Oppenheimer & Co., a New York-based financial services firm, issued a report yesterday recommending the purchase of Rapiscan stock because the contract is “a relatively decent sized order” and the market for inspection systems has growth potential.

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