AlliedBarton offers chemical compliance training

Published 29 March 2007

Democratic takeover presents opportunities for those in the compliance industry; company offers coursework and certifications in vehicle inspection techniques, MARSEC, and CFATS procedures

With the Democrats, under the leadership of Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-New Jersey), preparing to impose tougher restrictions on America’s chemical industry, a subsection of the compliance market is developing to help it navigate the thicket of existing and forthcoming regulations. (“If Congress meddles with the law, chemical facilities that are already implementing stringent security measures will be left in limbo about their regulatory obligations,” Jack Gerard, president of the American Chemistry Council, said recently.) Consider as an example King of Prussia-based AlliedBarton Security Services, typically known as a purveyor of security guards. The company is now offering five levels of training and certification courses for petrochemical and chemical employees, including those covering vehicle bomb inspection techniques, MARSEC, CFATS procedures, and extensive safety training. “Many companies are facing security regulations for the first time,” said AlliedBarton’s Scott Gane. “Our chemical/petrochemical industry clients are reassured knowing we can continue conducting reviews and developing security programs that will also meet federal standards.”