On the water frontBeijing to examine water safety daily ahead of Olympics

Published 7 February 2008

As is the case with many other things in China, water is polluted, too; ahead of the Summer Olympic Games, China establishes water monitoring teams to perform round-the-clock checks and maintenance of the water pipelines and ground water systems

Beijing, host city of the upcoming Summer Olympics, will have special teams to conduct daily safety checks of its huge water network. “The team will consist of more than 300 patrol staff and 400 maintenance workers doing round-the-clock checks and maintenance of the water pipelines and ground water systems,” said Yu Yaping, an official with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Water Affairs. Yu said that regular inspections would officially start in May. “The Games will be held in August, which is the annual flood season in Beijing. The routine checks will cover sound drainage of rain water, especially in the sports venues,” said Yu.

There are also many large “waterscapes” built to beautify the city for the big event, and the bureau will also be responsible for detecting groundwater pollution. Water safety is a key factor in guaranteeing success in hosting the world event. The capital, which has ongoing water supply problems, has prepared to guarantee sufficient water for the Olympics. Water diverted through the country’s south-north diversion project will reach Beijing by March. Beijing’s neighboring province, Hebei, will contribute its reservoir water to back up the national capital’s supply.