Better protection against wireless leaks of information

Published 5 June 2006

With more and more sensitive government and corporate information being transmitted wirelessly, there is a growing need to thwart and mitigate the unauthorized wireless leaking of information; A California company has something to offer

May be this will not have prevented the leaking of Valerie Plame’s name to the press, but a new partnership will still make it easier for government agencies to mitigate unauthorized wireless leaking of sensitive information. Santa Clara, California-based Code Green Networks, a specialist in identification and protection of enterprise content, will partner with Reptron to provide advanced content protection solutions and services, to enable U.S. federal government organizations to thwart and identify unauthorized leaks of confidential information over digital networks. Reptron’s IT Solutions group already has much experience with the government, intelligence, and law enforcement communities, and Code Green Networks’ next-generation Content Inspection (CI) Appliance and their ability to support a global network of business partners will add to its offerings.