bioMETRX shows first productbioMETRX shows first product: Biometric garage door opener

Published 10 January 2006

This is not the opening of a new chapter in Western civilization, but there is no reason not to note this modest device, making only modest claims for itself

OK, so this device is not going to prevent the death of the sun — and with it, the death of our galaxy — some three-and-a-half billion years from now, but still: Jericho, New York-based bioMETRX (OTC Bulletin Board: BMTX) has just released its first, and modest, product — the smartTOUCH Garage Door Opener. The patent-pending garage door opener uses finger activated technology to operate the homeowner’s garage door. bioMETRX is using state of the art finger activated technology to create other innovative stand- alone security and electronics products for the consumer under the smartTOUCH brand name.

smartTOUCH biometric garage door opener