Bioterror detection specialist, remote expert monitoring company, to marry technologies

Published 3 March 2006

Now here is a very good idea: Beverly Hills, California-based Universal Detection Technology (OTCBB: UDTT)(FWB: PO8), a developer of bioterror early-warning monitoring technologies, has signed a joint development agreement with New York-based Michael Stapleton Associates (MSA) to enable UDTT’s bio-threat technologies to operate with MSA’s SmartTech explosive detection and surveillance systems. Each company’s offerings will be enhanced by this joint development effort. MSA’s SmartTech technology is designated and certified by the DHS SAFETY act. SmartTech is a high-speed audio and video connection allowing bomb technicians located in New York to support and guide an explosive screening operation anywhere in North America and, eventually, world-wide. When an image captured by the X-Ray machine is beyond the scope or knowledge of the local operator, they can click the SmartTech icon and transmit the image real time to the MSA SmartTech Operations Center. As the image is transmitted, audio communication is established and the local screener and MSA expert can evaluate the image using all of the features of the machine at the direction of the MSA technician.

UDTT offers proprietary detection and monitoring technology based on JPL’s bacterial spore detection technology and UDTT’s aerosol capture technology. The company BSM-2000 device can detect the presence of airborne bacterial spores, such as anthrax, and provide early-warning alerts. As the joint UDTT-MSA development moves forward, biological detection experts at a central location will be able to guide emergency and first responder crews if the latter suspect or detect the presence of biological pathogens. MSA will thus be offering a more comprehensive homeland security expert service menu, and UDTT will be able to offer back-room expert support for its detection machines on the front lines.

The term of the agreement continues for two years, although either party may terminate earlier upon sixty days advance notice.

-read more about UDTT’s bacterial spore detection technology at company Web site; and read about MSA SmartTech at company Web site