BroadWare's video surveillance integrated with Intergraph command and control solution

Published 19 April 2006

Integrated technologies will allow for faster and more informed decision making and response in the event of an emergency

Santa Clara, California-based BroadWare Technologies, a specialist in distributed video surveillance, has partnered with Huntsville, Alabama-based Intergraph (NASDAQ: INGR) to integrate BroadWare’s open systems video platform with Intergraph’s command-and-control technology. The Intergraph solution provides major incident management, mobile computing access, Web-based access, automated field reporting, records management, video forensics, and interoperability with other systems. The integrated solution will feed high-resolution video from remote locations to central command centers, allowing for faster and more informed decision making and response time if a security event occurs.”

Intergraph has a dominant presence in public safety and security software, specializing, among many other things, in geospatial solutions and the presentation of large amounts of complex data in an accessible fashion. BroadWare’s digital video surveillance system will add video viewing and management capabilities to the Intergraph command-and-control platform. “BroadWare’s open systems video platform and technical expertise, coupled with Intergraph’s proven, foundational security technology, provides both of our customers the ability to distribute real-time video, along with other timely data, to first responders at multiple agencies in order to reduce and prevent confusion during a security breach,” said Robert Scott, director, Intergraph Security, Government and Infrastructure Division.”

The solution works like this: In the event of an emergency, an operator clicks on a camera icon within the Intergraph command-and-control screen to switch to that camera’s field of view. By using BroadWare Command Servers (BCS), operators can coordinate simultaneous viewing of multiple camera feeds and switch manually or automatically between feeds and display patterns. BCS is integrated with Intergraph’s foundational security technology and other systems automatically to display video in response to pre-selected triggers such as a building’s fire system or outdoor motion sensors and UAV feeds for military applications.