Debating immigration: Alabama's new law, Obama's strategy

special emphasis on people who are cheating the most on their taxes, but what would happen to tax compliance if they made it clear they would never enforce the law against smaller tax cheats?

Even before the administration announced its new immigration strategy it had vastly curtailed many areas of immigration enforcement. It has scaled back on worksite enforcement; it has rewritten the 287(g) agreement limiting the ability of state and local police to detain illegal aliens; and it has aggressively sued Arizona and Alabama for implementing their own immigration enforcement strategies, even though those policies conform strictly to federal immigration laws.

The clear signal being sent by the Administration is that as long as you are “only” violating U.S. immigration law, and do not commit any serious felony once here, there is virtually no chance you will be apprehended and removed. Moreover, the administration’s ongoing effort to secure amnesty for some or all of the illegal aliens present in the United States creates a further inducement to come and remain here illegally.

Deporting criminals is commendable, but it should not be the exclusive focus of immigration enforcement. In addition to criminal deportations, the administration continues to pad its deportation statistics by including large numbers of people who are caught trying to enter illegally as “deportees.” Thus, aside from criminals, removal of illegal aliens who have been here for any length of time has virtually ceased.

HSNW: In your opinion what is the impact of the sweeping immigration law passed in Alabama? As a follow up, do you see it as indicative of a broader trend among states?

IM: The immigration law passed by Alabama demonstrates two things: 1) Illegal immigration is a controllable phenomenon, and 2) States have the legal ability to protect citizens against the harmful consequences of mass illegal immigration.

For years, advocates for illegal aliens have been arguing that their presence here is an immutable fact. In reality, illegal aliens are extremely rational people who respond to the messages we send. When we make it clear that illegal immigration will be rewarded with jobs and access to public benefits and services they respond rationally and come. When, as Alabama and Arizona have done, we send the message that we intend to enforce our laws illegal aliens again react rationally and leave. Because the federal government refuses to enforce many immigration laws and some state and local governments encourage illegal immigration, illegal aliens