Cadbury is “unreliable” when it comes to food safety

Published 7 July 2006

According to the U.K. Food Standards Agency, Cadbury is “unreliable” when it comes to food safety

A base ingredient used to make chocolate bars in Cadbury’s Herefordshire, England factory has forced the recall of more than one million bars by the U.K. manufacturing giant. The ingredient for the chocolate bars was found to have traces of salmonella. The recall has only affected seven of Cadbury’s brands, even though the contaminated chocolate crumb was fed over a three week period into silos used to make about 30 other Cadbury brands. Officials checking the Cadbury manufacturing plant near Birmingham have said only a small portion of final products have been tested.

The Food Standards Agency’s advisory committee said that Cadbury’s practices are unreliable, out of date and underestimate the level and likelihood of salmonella contamination. Cadbury said that they are aware of the report and will be changing their procedures.