Comprehensive access control to be installed at Miami Dade Water Utilities Facilities

Published 7 February 2006

Innovative biometric access control system installed in a Florida county water management system

Indianapolis, Indiana-based Integral Technologies said that its Continuum line of access control solutions will be used in a $4 million installation for the Miami-Dade Water Utilities Facilities in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The installation was awarded to integrator ATC International, which teamed with Integral to design and develop the system. The new system will provide access control and asset (equipment, personnel, vehicles) tracking for Miami Dade’s five water treatment plants, along with all fields and pump stations spread throughout the county.

RFID technology will be incorporated into systems built around Integral’s Continuum product. The new system will use RFID scanners, transmitters, and transponders to track both people and physical assets. When the system is completed, any person wishing to enter any of Miami-Dade’s facilities will be required to have an RFID card. The system will then track the movement of anyone who has entered a Miami-Dade facility and serve to allow access to permissible areas. The system will also track vehicles and other physical assets, showing who accesses them and when they are removed from the property.

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