DataCore unveils new disaster recovery solution at down-to-earth price

Published 14 January 2006

Good disaster recovery solutions typically cost around $100,000, so it is good to see an effective solution with a price tag of around $10,000

Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based DataCore Software is showing a new class of affordable, remote site disaster recovery (DR) and storage pool mirroring solutions. These DR solutions are designed to protect terabyte size storage pools serving multiple application servers (for example, Windows, Netware, VMware, Linux, Solaris, AIX, Unix, etc.) over LAN, SAN, or WAN networks. The DR package prices start at $7,998, which includes software to manage two separately located SANmelody disk servers, each capable of supporting terabyte storage pools, plus a choice of disaster recovery software — either asynchronous LAN/WAN-based replication software for disaster recovery over great distances, or simple synchronous LAN or SAN failover mirroring software for storage pools supporting systems stretched across buildings, campuses, or cross-town distances.

Since the typical price of any decent disaster recovery solution is $100,000 and up, the less-than-$10,000 starting price of DataCore’s solution may well represent a new product class. Users get all the software they need to manage and support terabyte size storage pools at two different sites in a single package at an astonishingly low price. Steve Kaplan, CEO of Benicia, California-based AccessFlow, said: “What DataCore has done with its new disaster recovery and business continuity solution is to bring enterprise-class, data center disaster recovery down to the level where these high-end features are affordable. Smaller businesses need to eliminate downtime and protect their systems. And just like big companies, they also want to know that in the event of a failure on one machine, they will be protected.”

-read more in this news release; also see AccessFlow Web site