Day & Zimmerman receives SAFETY Act certification

Published 19 April 2007

Managed security services company earns lawsuit and liability protection for itself and its subcontractors

The comedian Jackie Mason likes to joke that he wakes up every morning thinking “who can I sue today?” For better or for worse, however, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Day & Zimmermann Security Services (motto: “we do what we say”) will stay safely out of Mason’s legal sights. The company — known for its managed security services, including at the Diego Garcia naval base — this week announced that it had received SAFETY (Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology) Act certification from DHS. Such certification grants the company, its customers, and subcontractors significant lawsuit protection and reduced liability for claims rising out of terrorism acts involving their security and protective force operations. Of the nearly 14,000 security firms nationwide, less than ten have SAFETY Act certification.

Technology companies can receive SAFETY Act certification as well. Readers may perhaps recall the example of Clearwater, Florida-based BlastGard International, whose SAFETY Act success for its blast mitigation products we noted last July. In order to make the grade, DHS demands that products meet certain criteria, including: the availability of the technology for immediate deployment in public and private settings; the magnitude of risk exposure to the public if the technology is not deployed; the evaluation of scientific studies being feasibly conducted to assess the technology’s capability substantially to reduce risks of harm; and the technology’s effectiveness in facilitating the defense against acts of terrorism.