Dermalog shows new multifinger biometric solution

Published 7 March 2006

Hamburg, Germany-based Dermalog Identification Systems will be showing two new biometric solutions at this year’s CeBIT: A four finger identification system called MultiFinger Biometrics, and a biometric eBorder kiosk. These two products simultaneously scan four fingers, making them suitable for use in places where speed is almost as important as security — border checkpoints, passenger boarding — and for other high security applications. Dermalog has a notable presence in the AFIS (automated fingerprint identification system) technology. The company’s products performed well in BiopII, a large comparative European field study of biometric verification systems conducted last year at the Frankfurt airport by the German ministry of information technology security and the German FBI.

MultiFinger solution provides the border checkpoint and aircraft or ship boarding user with two different database search options — a 1:1 verification search and a 1:n identification search. In 1:1 verification mode, the scanned fingers are linked with an identification document which is read in by the integrated Dermalog document scanner. The process of scanning in the fingers and document takes less than one second, as does the automated comparison. In 1:n identification search no identification document is scanned in, since the person of interest is identified solely by comparing their automated fingerprints with those in a database. This process is even quicker, since only the fingers need to be scanned.

The Dermalog MultiFinger biometrics system can also be used at banks, government buildings, conferences, trade shows, and casinos.

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