Detroit airport to offer germ-free security checkpoints

Published 29 September 2008

Worried about microbes, bacteria, and fungi released at airport security checkpoints as travelers take off their shoes and place their belongings in a tray? At Detroit Metro Airport’s new North Terminal you will not have to worry, with the application of new anti-microbial treatment

Andy Grove, the innovative former CEO and president of Intel, summarized his rich and varied business career in a book titled Only the Paranoid Survive. Many air travelers feel that a book on airport security should be titled Only the Hypochondriac Survive. Indeed, for germ-a-phobes there are few more intimidating moments than an airport security check point. As of today, however, passengers in Detroit Metro Airport’s new North Terminal can rest a bit easier knowing that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) check points and federal inspection areas in the new terminal have been treated with a powerful antimicrobial found in the TriBan Antimicrobial System which protects the surfaces you touch from harboring bacteria, fungi, mold, or other microbes.

We set out three years ago with a mission to use the best technologies available to make Detroit Metro Airport one of the newest, most operationally-capable and efficient airports in North America,” said Lester Robinson, Wayne County Airport Authority CEO. “Recognizing that many travelers have concerns about contacting germs as they go through security, we are pleased to offer customers an antimicrobial technology for these areas that would be powerful and yet durable enough to withstand airport traffic.”

Art McWood, president of the Triton Technology Group, said that “Traveling can be stressful enough but with the protection of TriBan in place, passengers have a microscopic ally that allows them to worry more about getting to their plane on time and less about microbes when they fly through the new North Terminal at Detroit Metro Airport.” McWood added that “The key to the TriBan System is the durable antimicrobial application. This EPA registered antimicrobial technology forms an extremely durable bond on a surface, and controls microorganisms without chemical poisons by essentially creating a molecular ‘bed of nails’ all over the treated area. It makes the surface physically inhospitable to current and future microbial growth. To the human eye and touch, the application is invisible, but for microbes, it is an end-game.”

Detroit Metro Airport treated all of the security check points and the federal inspection areas of the new North Terminal with the TriBan System.
Unlike most other anti-microbials that leach chemicals or heavy metals into the air and the surrounding environment, the technology powering TriBancontrols microbial growth without leaching, making it an effective, “green” alternative for airports.

Located in downtown Detroit, Triton Technology Group is the exclusive provider of the TriBan Antimicrobial System