DHS asks first responders to suggest needed technologies

Published 10 May 2007

Sciene and Technology Directorate sets aside $8 million for its new TechSolutions portal; emergency officials can suggest technologies and solutions and in return receive funding for them

Here is a prime opportunity for close readers of HSDW. DHS has announced a new $8 million program under which first responders of all kinds can tell the agency about specific challenges or new technologies and in return actually receive the service or product suggested. “We must have direct communications with our customers because they understand their problems and challenges,” said undersecretary Jay Cohen recently. “If they want us to do research or do more testing of their solutions, anything that would help them.” Known as the Science and Technology Directorate’s TechSolutions portal, the program is intended as a clearinghouse for new technologies — specifically, those that meet 80 percent of identified operational needs — that can be rapidly prototyped in a twelve to fifteen month time frame to satisfy widespread needs among first responders. Each particular project, however, must cost less than $1 million. Submitted proposals should be no longer than three pages, and should any be based on news reported here at HSDW, we would appreciate an update.