DHS to use TeraView's terahertz technology in chemical detection

Published 20 October 2008

Goodrich chose U.K. terahertz technology specialist TeraView for developing a DHS-sponsored chemical detection system for government and public buildings, and on the battlefield

U.K. terahertz technology specialist TeraView will play an important role in U.S. government-backed plans for a new anti-chemical warfare system. Cambridge-based TeraView said it will supply its continuous wave (CW) terahertz detection platform to a chemical agent detection system being developed by U.S. engineering giant Goodrich.

The Goodrich system is a high-resolution spectrometer designed to identify chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. It is being developed with support from DHS for potential use in government and public buildings, and on the battlefield. Dr. Don Arnone, Chief Executive Officer of TeraView, said: “We anticipate that other partnership opportunities will evolve in the future where the terahertz platform could be incorporated into product solutions developed by key collaborators in applications outside of our core pharmaceutical market.”

TeraView’s CW platform uses the terahertz spectrum — that is, the spectrum between light and radio waves — to provide, non-invasively, 3D structural and chemical information on substances. TeraView will also provide CW photomixers (lasers that generate terahertz radiation) for the general U.S. security market under the terms of its deal with Goodrich.